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Dr. Jai Govind Singh is an Associate Professor in the Sustainable Energy Transition Program, and currently, the Head of Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change, SERD, AIT. His teaching and research interests include Smart Grid and Microgrid; Electric vehicles and battery storage; power system planning, operation and control; deregulation; solar and wind integration. Dr. Singh has supervised 6 doctoral dissertations and 59 master theses besides involved as a committee member of more than 150 other master/doctoral thesis works completed so far. He has published more than 85 articles in different international journals (28), international conference proceedings (57). He has been involved in several research and development projects (22) sponsored by different international donors/agencies. He has delivered several invited talks in conferences and training programs.


Contact Details

Room no. ET-217, Energy Building, AIT

Telephone: (+66-2)- 524 5426


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